Next-gen member engagement improves satisfaction & trust (finally)

A phased approach for health plans

Health plans want to know and activate members to improve health outcomes, costs and satisfaction.

The challenge is how.

Astute health plan leaders embracing next-gen member engagement not only know which members to target – the who – but also the what, why and how.

For example, they know which members could most benefit from a prediabetes program; what motivates any member to engage; and how each member prefers to engage.

They also capitalize on engaged members through inbound opportunities and use analytics to outreach proactively to unengaged members.

Download this white paper to learn:

Download the white paper to learn more

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“Identify the right members in the right time through the right channel. It’s not just sending a text message; it's making sure the member engages, gets back to us, and we gather more information and learn more about them.”